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About the IRCCM

What is the International Research Consortium on Continental Margins?

The International Consortium on Continental Margins (IRCCM), formally founded in June 2002 was established to study the sedimentary sequence of continental margins, such as fluid flow, the methane cycle, as well as surface and subsurface imaging.

The Consortium is based on a Memorandum of Understanding, which was signed by the current eight Academic Members and which set up a Steering Committee. Direct cooperation between industry and research is ensured by three strategic Industrial Members, who are also represented on the Steering Committee. The goal of the IRCCM is to quantify geological processes on continental margins and will benefit from direct and intense cooperation between industry and research - such as in the exchange of data, expertise, and methodology. See Partners for more details. Ocean Observatory is one of several projects of IRCCM, the International Research Consortium on Continental Margins. Obtain more information here.

IRCCM Partners:
Alfred-Wegener- Institute IfM-Geomar
Ifremer Integrated Exploration Systems
Jacobs University Bremen Neptune
Max-Planck-Institute for Marine Rice University
University of Southampton Statoil
RCOM Technical University Hamburg Harburg
University of Bremen University of New Hampshire
University of Washington
The project is supported by STATOIL.